We do like to be beside the seaside

We do indeed, like the beach that is. Delia was brought up in a small seaside town on the Indian Ocean and she misses the sea especially. So our anniversary present to ourselves was to stay near the sea, in fact the Atlantic Ocean. We found a lovely pet friendly holiday home near the coast half way between Biarritz and Bordeaux. Google earth show the almost the entire length of this coast as beach and this was what it felt like. Contis, was the beach town (though we stayed a few kilometres inland on the edge of St Julien en Born.

The weather improved as we headed west and by the time we arrived the sky was a cloudless blue and 23°C. We settled in, and after quickly exploring the back patio and forest behind made the 5 minute drive to the ocean. Storm David had apparently passed by recently and the waves were boisterous. We had taken Siena to a small lakeside beach so we knew that she loved the sand between her pads already… and we weren’t disappointed – she bounded about like a puppy. After walking up the beach for a while went back to Contis and enjoyed a drink at one of the few bars open at this point of the season.

Deciding not to hang around for sunset we went back to the house to enjoy our Friday champagne (real champagne not just sparkling! A birthday present for Delia).  We spent most of the weekend walking on the beach or along forest tracks to get to the beach. We did walk in St Julien but it was mostly closed. The beach did seem to go on forever, though we never quite made it to Biarritz.

Back home and the lounge work continues. Doors being made and painted. It’ll be done before Xmas! By special request here is a sequence up to having the stitches taken out. I already could raise this eyebrow but now it’s a bit wonky.


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