Bordeaux, burgers and a belvedere

Delia’s dad visited this week. Last Monday morning we drove to Bordeaux where after checking in to our hotel we wandered along the waterfront enjoying the ambiance.

We met up with Bill (Delia’s dad) at his hotel in the heart of Bordeaux. We were staying a bit further out at an Ibis but from what he says about the competence of the reception staff I think we were much better off. He was sharing with two friends who had toured with him after the water polo masters competition they’d been at in Budapest. One of them had last seen Delia, when she was about 8, so calling him Wayne didn’t come easily for her but they were all a jolly crew. That evening we had a meal at a nearby square, company good but food somewhat mediocre.

The next day,  a simple breakfast at a market place café, of bread, jam, homemade lemonade and , of course, coffee.  Delia and I were visiting the Musée d’Aquitaine, whilst team Aussie got day tickets on the tram and explored the limits of the tram routes. I must admit to being disappointed with the museum, the prehistoric section was very extensive and I think the most recently updated,  but there seemed to be major gaps in the continuity of the displays. I think it was trying to be especially Bordeaux-centric which meant little about the period between the Romans and the Plantagenets. Eleanor of Aquitaine got much mention but Charlemagne was notably absent. Even Napoleon was scarcely mentioned. One large set of displays of Bordeaux as a port, of course, another of the slave trade.

Afterwards a delicious burger for lunch in a Bordeaux bistro then a revisit to le Miroir which was much more active during the day, a real playground for adults and children alike.

Wandering along the waterfront again, Bill rang to suggest some eateries for that evening, coincidentally, exactly where we happened to be enjoying an afternoon drink ourselves. And yes, that evening we had a  very enjoyable meal at a Catalan themed waterfront restaurant.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went the the “Hanging Gardens of Maqueyras”. Quite a drive into the Dordogne. A spectacular landscape with viewpoints overlooking the Dordogne valley. The gardens themselves were almost completely box hedge topiary, organically reflecting the surrounding landscape (well that was what the tour guide said). Shaded walks with spectacular panoramas peeking through trees and from limestone cliffs. Definitely worth a revisit, next time with Siena who would have been perfectly at home.

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