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Apparently the repairs on our car have started. Well, at least once August is over and the bodywork bloke returns. Not a lot happens in France during August,  July isn’t especially productive either. They have a term to describe the large proportion of the population who disappear on their holidays for August – Aoutiens (there is also Juilliens for those vanishing during July). Either way its two months of excuses and delays.  Its crazy by our standards, restaurants and artisans whose services would be in demand during this period, just shut up shop for the duration! As for the car though, the garage admin woman talks about a bigger courtesy car (its currently a Ka with a boot that has to be held open by a stick) – we desperately need one for when we pick up Delia’s Dad in Bordeaux in a week – fingers crossed.

Our living room progresses, Delia finished the ceiling and second under coat of the newly plastered walls. 40 four metre planks delivered Friday means I can now start the woodwork needed for the “library” shelving and spent most of today sawing pieces to size.  If the painting get finished during the week though,  I’ll try to get the laminate laid this weekend. Its all a matter of doing things in the right order!


We have a summer visitor to Beaulieu who apparently used to live in our house back in the fifties and sixties. She now lives in the northern suburbs of Paris. She had often mentioned photos but finally yesterday she produced them and we had a chance to scan them. Much has changed and much hasn’t. Apparently the room we are working so hard on was her parent’s bedroom back in the day. Other photos of the hamlet she showed us told us how most of the roads were just dirt tracks and also how some houses we had though were relatively new, were not so much. Don’t see cows pulling a haywain so much now.

Tomorrow Delia has her checkup with her Thyroid surgeon. She’s feeling better than she has for many months, so it seems the treatment was very necessary. Kind of by way of celebration, we’ve booked a weekend in a dog-friendly holiday home near the Atlantic coast for the weekend of Delia’s birthday.

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