Walking the wife

Each evening, I’ve been walking the wife. Delia hasn’t been able to join Siena and me on our longer lunchtime walks (she’s never been awake enough for the morning one). She continues to get stronger after her operation but needs to be careful. So each evening we’ve been taking a stroll around the hamlet. I hold Siena’s lead and we go at Delia’s speed.  Early evening is a nice time to do this, its cooler and the views are better in that lower light. There is a particular spot with a view we love, I’ve never been able to do it justice with a photo… it’s a vista without a major focal point.


Earlier this year, there’d be a chorus of frogs coming up from the small lake or pond below.  Even now there’s a chance of seeing a couple of deer or perhaps a fox in the field leading down to the pond. Currently the foreground field is pasture, a few weeks ago it had been mown for hay and one of the hay bales had rolled into the pond. The view extends across two or three wooded ridges. On the most distant one we can see the top half of the aerial on La Grande Puyconnieux (from where we tried to watch the New Year day sunrise). The trees on the ridge in front of it block the view of the base (and hence when we stand at that base, we can’t see our hamlet either).

I especially like the glimpses we can get of patches of pasture with isolated trees in their middle. Pasture and woodland are the default land uses around here (rotating with different grains for cattle feed). Limousin beef being the main product (and wood for wood burners I guess), trees in the middle of pasture make for good shade for the cows in the heat of the day.  I showed a picture last February but I’ll try again this evening and add here if I can. Here it is.

There is a house upslope from where we always pause… we sometimes talk about how we could ruin their view by building a place just in front to take advantage of their vista ourselves. I think, though, if a million€ ever came our way we’d probably not waste it on building a house 200 metres away from our current one, it’s just talk anyway. After our 5 minute pause for the view we continue on past the bio-smallholding; more of a rural Steptoe with various old cars in use as greenhouses, some actually inside large poly-tunnels.  Piles of roof tiles and various building items for recycling (I guess). He sells his produce at local farmers’ markets and seems to make a living. His yard is a testimony to the 3 “r”s of reduce, recycle, reuse (not sure about reduce though). Heading home, we pass Siena’s favourite place if she is off lead – strangely enough – the vet’s house. She loves it because they are often sitting outside with an open gate and she loves to visit. So she is usually on lead. She loves everybody but it is not everyone loves her. 

As for other stuff… the car might start to be repaired this coming week, though the assessor has to follow the repairs so there is a delay waiting for his pre-repair inspection (though he must have done this when he valued it – on reflection however, since he got the model wrong then, perhaps “inspection” is too strong a word!). Then there’s the “during” inspection followed by the final one. In the meantime we continue driving the weeble of a Ka with its peeling roof, bits that come off inside and the stick to hold the boot open. We’ve stopped half filling the tank because its return could have been imminent.

The sub-floor of the living room is done. We now await plastering, so we can paint and finally lay the laminate (which having been in the sales was ordered early and is now sitting in a pile in the middle of the room being ‘conditioned’).

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