Beams, van hire, friends visiting? My foot!

The title is meant to be amusing, not complaining but its been a tough fortnight.


At last the beams are going in. After Delia and I had nearly given ourselves hernias just getting them out of the truck, we decided to put it out to tender. One of my web clients is doing it,  and he’s got a long way. Disturbingly it is just him and his very slight girlfriend – he says it’s just technique but I reckon she has steel cables for arm muscles. Once the beams are in I will enlist a friend’s help with the flooring, given Delia’s delicate situation (thyroid problems that is, in case you read something else into that comment).


We have a few other situations we are trying to deal with too: hiring the van involved one cancellation because it was going to be too small (they had given total length on the web rather than usable length) and an internet reservation that got totally lost. But both of these payments left my account so I am currently in dispute with one who says they have never received it and the other who says I have to wait until the end of the month for the refund.

Also, our car has been written off, if you have read Delia’s blog and seen the photo you probably won’t be surprised. But the offer they have given me is little more than half what I would need to buy the same model/mileage/age. I hope this is because they have used the wrong model in the documentation they have sent me, a much lower spec, smaller engine and two years older.

On the bright side, all of the above have given me good telephone and written French practice!

Not to be on too negative a jag here, but I have also done something to my foot. It is difficult to walk on, swollen and red. The doctor claims it is a bruised toe joint and ordered blood tests and a prescription for shoe inserts. I told him that the toes don’t hurt to move them but the swelling is very painful to touch – I had hoped for a dose of antibiotics to clear what I am convinced is cellulitis but he is emphatic it is not. So I have to wait a week for the blood tests (which I doubt will show an infection unless it has developed into blood poisoning!). In the meantime it is getting more painful and, possibly psychosomatic, granted, but I feel I have a raised temperature. On Monday back to the Doctor perhaps?


The weather here is lovely, we just had a long lovely weekend with T&R two friends from Leicester, we took some lovely photos and Siena had a great time being moithered by T who loves dogs but no longer has one herself.

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