NF = National Front, No Fun and still no floor

President Macron! A new face, even less experience than Trump but at least it isn’t Front Nationale President Marine Le Pen.  On the eve of the second stage of the French Presidential elections there was a debate where, as my neighbour said, Marine was “méchant” as in “chien méchant”. Anti -immigration from all fronts, especially from the UK (though that would depopulate most of south west French countryside). Still it’s a relief, I hadn’t realised how concerned Delia was about it until she expressed such relief at the result.

On other non-national fronts – another busy week for us both. But workwise mostly since our beams (to return a floor to our living room) weren’t delivered on the 10th as expected (I think the sawmill just told me it might be the 10th when seeing my expression after they had said mi-Mai). There’s probably a euphemism for a “French Fib” but then there isn’t one for a “French Kiss” so who knows? And anyway is it one, two or three? (see a couple of blogs back).

So, busy… I’ve been trying to resolve an issue with a new website for batch emailing. Mailchimp turned out to be way too much work, but the much sexier (and professional) sounding Mailgun is just the job!  I have a new website for Charente Limousine Exchange – an expat group we have actually been members of.  Membership, events, special interest groups all need mailing lists. Anyway as well as that I had a laptop that the owner wanted cleaned and upgraded.

Delia’s work waxes and wanes and currently its waxing and she’s a bit pressured. A weekend away from work is relaxing but with no beams I am still trying to damp proof the walls but we can spare a bit of time to venture off for lunch at St Jean de Cole for a flower festival this morning. Pity we haven’t time for the camera club trip to St Junien vide grenier (like a car boot sale) but here’s some photos from St Jean de Cole this lunchtime.

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