Les Flicks, le medecin, le kine, et le dentiste

A busy fortnight!  Last week, a new client, wanting general Windows training, tuning her laptop and resolving some e-mail problems. Along with a new website for a local expat group who invited me to lunch to discuss their required revamp of an existing site. Also another person this time with a dead computer, the dead computer was resurrected and duly collected and the website is ongoing.

During the last fortnight I have been making good use of the French medical system. X-rays and echograms of my shoulder (hurt during the bathroom work) – a pinched intraclavicle tendon apparently.  We have a new medical centre in Chalûs and last week I opened three of the four doors (so I know where the jackpot is now!) Doctor in his new office, then the physio (or kinesiotherapist NOT kinetherapy which is a load of naturopathy BS and coloured plasters!). I also needed the dentist as I had an infected tooth. At the moment we pay 30% of our medical costs but in the UK dental and prescription charges are quite high I spent less than I would have oon the UK’s “free” NHS. Plus my waiting times were negligible. We must resolve our health top-up cover though just in case of hospitalisation and stuff; I mean, 30% of an air ambulance, such as we have actually seen pick someone up here in Beaulieu, would probably bankrupt us!


My trip to the dentist was made difficult by the monthly market blocking access but it seemed excessive even so. I found out the next day that Marine le Pen (the presidential candidate for the Front National) was campaigning in the area and there were lots of ‘flicks’ (otherwise known as police) as my neighbour told me. 

The weather has been great, over 30°C our max/min thermometer claims! House–wise we have restarted the re-pointing and hope to finish this weekend. Last weekend Delia was out of commission with a cold but she’s out there now hacking away whilst I exhaustingly type away indoors 🙂




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