Where are the blogs?

We expected to lose one week on our “short” UK trip but not two. So here at last is my blog.

The “highlight” of the past fortnight I guess was the French air traffic controllers strike. We hadn’t known about it until a flight cancellation text from Ryanair 18 hours before our homeward bound flight. From experience (the last time I was in the UK it was fog that cancelled my flight) I knew speed was of the essence so I quickly booked on the next available flight on the Thursday. That too was cancelled, by which time Mike and Sandra had quite got into the spirit of our unexpected holiday. It took us a little longer but we got into the spirit and visited Nottingham art galleries and went for walks with the Siena substitute that was Dominic (a King Charles Cavalier spaniel on loan from M&S’ son Nick, off skiing in Tignes in the Alps and having too much snow and avoiding avalanches apparently). Plus a memorable musical evening with Blazing Fiddles

I started writing about what we had been doing but it turned into a boring list of things wot I done rather than something more entertaining. So I thought I’d put together a few more images to show rather than just tell.

The main purpose of our trip was to celebrate our friends’ (T & R) 50th and 60th birthdays. Here’s some general shots of guests.

And here’s some of the delicious food!

And thence to Lindfield

Extra days in Nottingham… Wollaton park

And in Attenborough Country Park

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