Studious searching in Spring-ish

On a lovely Spring-ish morning like this it’s easy to forget how cold it was just a week ago. Of course this is February so it could all turn around tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the sunshine. Mind you, it was a bit chilly this morning but if it’s like yesterday; it’ll warm up to the dizzy heights of, perhaps, 15°C. Anyway, this morning, the mist lingers around the trees on one of my favourite views on one of Siena’s walks. And Siena bounds around in her usual skittish way. Her horse friend was a bit skittish this morning too, it looked like they wanted to play but horses are big, and dogs are not usually their friends so Siena was on-lead.

We’ve been rather focussed on the bathroom revamp these past few weeks. I have had a bit of work to interrupt the DIY, I had a sudden slow down on all my sites (resolved by some studious searching for speed-up techniques) and also a request to recover some 800 videos and photos from a corrupt SD card (resolved by some studious searching for recovery software that actually worked). I had been thinking I might need to move some of the problem sites to my new VPS but since I pay per gigabyte, I will keep that reserved for those who actually pay me the premium for the service. So far that’s just me, but I have to have somewhere to go for anyone who is dissatisfied with the best that shared hosting can offer (if you have no idea what I am talking about then… move on, nothing of interest here…).

As I type, Delia is busy gluing down the tiles I have just cut with the aid of a borrowed electric tile cutter (soooo much easier than scoring and snapping).  After weeks of studious searching for suitable light fittings we installed Delia’s chosen two, only to find that they cast peculiar urine yellow patches on our white ceramic fitting and give us apparent jaundice patches. The LEDs are integral so we can’t just change the bulbs, so it’s back to the shop and back to the drawing board (or Pinterest board in Delia’s case).  With luck Delia should be able to present the photos of the finished bathroom in her blog next week. The bath is already back in operation, I was “trying it out” for the first time since before Xmas when the phone rang… a friend with a “serious” email problem (like many, solved by the time I rang back) hey ho, that’s life in computer support. Delia however will probably not get out of the bath until Easter.


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