Storm, Soot and Sunshine

It was certainly blowing a storm last night. I dreamt I was on a train platform, and when I awoke it sounded like I still was. I still took Siena for her walk, driving rain and chilly winds aren’t enjoyable for either of us.  It was a short walk, even she was looking at me as if to say “wtf?”.

Working in the bathroom with our current ongoing project I didn’t see the weather change to blue skies and fluffy white clouds scudding across the sky but with much less wind at ground level. Unfortunately, by the time Siena and I got out for our afternoon walk we still managed to get rained on, but at least a longer walk for her. It was late for her afternoon walk, but seeing her sitting patiently under her lead hanging in the hall at 3.30 is hard to resist.

During the week Delia was complaining of a smell of gas, “no, It’s outside” I said – but to humour her I rang around a few people claiming to service gas boilers. Ironically the first person to actually answer their phone was the same plumber who had sorted our outside plumbing leak. He couldn’t service the boiler for two or three weeks. I told him my wife claimed to smell gas and that I didn’t but could he come and check, he agreed to come the next day. However only an hour after that, the boiler stopped working completely. Ted, our English neighbour had repaired this boiler for the previous owner so we asked his advice. After cleaning and blowing out the jets it worked for a while but with a yellow flame and even I could smell the gas this time!

Anyway, the next afternoon, along came the plumber. He thought he was only coming to check for a leak but quickly found the problem was mostly accumulated soot. He took out some baffles and stuff to clean outside and a lot of vacuuming but before he had finished cleaning entirely I sent him home planning to finish off the remaining clean-up.  What I hadn’t been expecting was how difficult soot was to deal with. One wipe and it’s twenty times worse, and because he hadn’t expected to be cleaning up soot the plumber hadn’t contained the soot very well and it was over everything. Just wiping a finger tip over a surface yielded a black finger. We’re over the worst now, but when the plumber returns we’ll make sure better precautions are taken.

And since just text would be a bit dull, here’s a couple more pictures from my recent dawn photo shoot.


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