Dog moves in mysterious ways

It’s been a bit chilly lately. Minus 7 last Thursday, a balmy minus 4 this morning.  Having the heating on all night means that the house is actually comfortable (the first couple of days it never quite warmed up and it was like the bad old days in the “spaceship” when we first arrived in France). Anyway it was so cold all the lakes have frozen and I took my camera for a photo shoot during the morning dog walk. Siena is a very silly dog and I shot some photos of her walking on water (albeit frozen) before I called her off in case it was not as solid as it looked; the last thing I wanted was to have to wade in to rescue her! The frosty days do give some lovely scenes.

Adam (my middle son) is currently junior doctoring in Brisbane and is loving the heat, he says that whilst he enjoys having his bedroom air conditioned he never plans to live in a cold place again (and don’t tell me it gets cold in winter – unless you get down to minus 7!). Being brought up in Wales he’s had more than his fair share of cold grey winters and less cold grey summers but I expect he’ll start complaining about the heat after a while (perhaps twenty or so years!)

Work has been busy in the weeks after Christmas, Delia’s clients are very busy and as well as some web stuff, I’ve actually had two clients with Mac problems. To be fair the problems were more that the Mac is different in usage than a PC but I really don’t like them, working with clients’ Macs is ok but whilst they are pretty they seem to be expensive!

Being tied up during the week does mean that our planned work on the bathroom is slower than we’d hope. We must get the bath back into service before the end of February as a part of a cat sitting deal with a friend.  Who after waiting for 3 years still doesn’t have a bath in her bathroom. 

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