“Seeing”? in the New Year

Since I last wrote, Christmas and New Year have both happened. Delia wrote on New Years eve so I should describe our New Years Day adventure seeing in the first sunrise of 2017. The highest hill (or mountain as Delia described it) nearby is called La Grande Puyconnieux (as far as I can translate “the big hill of knowledge”!). Anyway, 7.45am saw us dressed for bear (well at least freezing fog) with flasks of our preferred hot beverage (and carefully wrapped glasses and a bottle of decent sparkly). Pitch black as we set off the sky gradually lightened as we drove hoping to emerge above the fog.  Climbing the final few metres on foot from the car park showed no let up of the fog. So we stood at the viewpoint hopefully, as the official sunrise came and went with little change – we could dimly see trees at a range of about 100 metres but little else. We did not break out the champagne and went back home for bacon, eggs, beans and potato waffles (more full English than traditional French).

The fog continued all day. Portent? A year of things not going right or a year of surprises? Personally I reckon it will be a year of 365 days.

Fortunately on the day of New Year’s eve we had enjoyed the sunshine when we went to a favourite lake we had discovered when Delia’s Aussie friends came in 2015.

And yet another lake walk, this time lake St Estephe the day after our foggy years start. So our friends had fond memories of refreshing winter walks and we had a good start to another adventurous year.

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