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42? Well perhaps not, not that deep but thought at least. Delia’s 46 today and she’s been contemplating her life and career path. She’s good at what she does, which may be the problem since what she does isn’t necessarily what she wants. But I’ll let her explore that if she wants in her own blog.  It did make me wonder about my own path.

When I was a kid I wanted many random careers; an atomic scientist (nuclear power was big in the sixties) an Antarctic explorer (I read a lot about Scott and Shackleton), then, once I started French and German… air steward (though not realising I wasn’t pretty enough, this was before RyanAir and EasyJet lowered the standards J ). None of these came to much when, like many, perhaps most, I had no idea what to do when I left school. I ended up at the BBC Record library (yes pre-cd’s) then Video library (pre dvd and even pre computer). A degree hadn’t been common but after contemplating town planning and landscape architecture (did I mention random?) I decided to stop the bitty Open University route and do a full time degree in something I had come to love, Geology. I little planned that it would actually lead to a career and even a book (Rocks and Minerals, not Fly Fishing by J RR Hartley – you probably have to be English to get that reference).

The 1980’s oil price crash meant a rethink since I had somehow become a carbonate sedimentologist specialising in oil exploration. Computers had long been a tool, if not only to create legible reports but to analyse statistics too. Now this led to an MSc in Information Systems engineering and various jobs in computing as my employers changed direction and I stayed on the same one. That path led to Bell Computing, self-employed, freelance for a time, then several jobs back in employment.

So 5 years at the BBC, 10 years a geologist, 25 years in computers. So was there a direction? My middle son, Adam decided on his gap year to be a doctor and nearly 10 years later he is an intern in Brisbane. Focussed or what?  I never felt in that much control, perhaps positioning myself so that when a choice came it was always obvious which choice to make.

So the “choice” to move to France? It seemed to be the best choice at the time, at least it might stop Delia’s constant emails with French properties. As a career move? Perhaps not but now here in France, back doing what I probably most enjoy, creating stuff for clients.  It is easier to create beautiful web sites that do what you want rather than with the limitations of a decade or so ago.

I don’t think there’s much I can give Delia by way of example and, as ever, I am dealing with the now, rather than the future and heaven knows where Brexit might take that. But I plan to make the best of it!

Here’s a nice picture from our Bordeaux trip


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