Whoops this is late or ‘Throat support and human evolution’

Fortunately, we have Delia’s mum (F) visiting; it was her who has reminded me to write this blog. Or perhaps its because she’s here that I forgot. Who knows? If Delia hadn’t left Australia, I wouldn’t have met her and I wouldn’t be in France to write my blog anyway. But then if Ugg hadn’t hit that rock against the other to make that first axe head, civilisation would perhaps never have arisen, and don’t get me started on those proto-chimps wondering if coming down out of the trees was a good idea…

Back to today; we three are to do the other end of the walk that we overdid with K&S the week before last (see Delia’s blog).  With K&S we walked about 12kms from Chateau de Montbron to the La Grande Puyconnieux viewpoint and back in nearly 40°c heat. Today it is much cooler and we are to walk from Chateau de Brie to the viewpoint, probably about 5kms and much cooler today. When I had walked from Chateau de Brie to Chateau de Montbron with Delia’s dad and another time with her Aunt (B -who arrives this weekend too) it seemed that the viewpoint  was about half way but I now reckon that the first ‘half’ is much shorter than the second ‘half’ so the plan is to walk the shorter half this afternoon – Delia will let you know next week if her mum survives intact.

So visitor time has arrived, giving us the excuse to halt the repointing for a time! Phew no more dusty dog; Siena revelled in rolling in the piles of brick dust, and in fact loved to sit directly under where Delia would be chiselling away at the old mortar – daft dusty dog aside, the dust got everywhere, its still in the floor tile gaps despite several floor moppings. We restart in October 🙁

The highlight so far I guess is our lunch in Chateau Jumilhac la Grande courtesy of F. But we also have shown F the delights of Intermarché in both Cussac and Chalus. Covered some favourite spots such as Rochechouart (lake and chateau), Lac St Mathieu (now refilling) and the Voie Verte. Tomorrow apparently we are visiting a bra shop in Nontron.  You’d think  ‘brassiere’ was a French word but no, the French for it is soutien-gorge  or ‘throat support’.  Nontron is a town set in a deep valley that we’ve not visited before (though passed through numerous times) so I am hoping for something a little more tourist-orientated (though I believe we will also be visiting a fabric shop!).





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