Repointing regalia and scones

DSC02749Weekends are now being spent doing the repointing (finally) of the back wall to the house. Hammer, chisel, pick and angle grinder for the first phase of getting the old crumbling stuff out. That’s a pretty cruddy job, I particular enjoy the plastic shower cap, which, in the hot weather, holds the sweat in nicely albeit keeping the dust out. Then its two and a half buckets of sand to one bucket of lime (nasty stuff, burns your skin and unpleasant to breathe in, though ok when mixed). I tried an applicator that squirts the mortar if it’s the consistency of toothpaste. The problem is that it doesn’t stay in the cracks when it’s that sloppy, and any thicker and the applicator bungs up. So it’s back to small trowel which works well enough especially if I can catch most of the mortar I drop.  Two of us now though tackling the mortar removal makes for much quicker work.

It’s been an eventful week world-wise though hasn’t it? A new science-ignorant Prime Minister in the UK . One of the bills she is supporting requires that internet providers can produce decrypted content of their users despite their not having the decrypting keys. She’s also somewhat into climate change denial (or at least past comments and her record suggest that). She is also backtracking from her previous statement on the rights of immigrant workers (which could backlash onto us migrant workers in France).

Of course there’s the Nice incident. Everyone’s calling it terrorism but it seems to me more like a single unbalanced person who happens to be a muslem going off the rails. Not meaning to diminish the terrible consequences of course, and hoping that it doesn’t give ideas to actual terrorists about how difficult such a method is to prevent. The news now though says that more people have been arrested and that ISI_DSC2779S is claiming responsibility so perhaps I’m wrong. Life here in rural Limousin is unaffected mostly though, even the heightened state of awareness over the past few months have been scarcely noticeable to us.

Last weekend we enjoyed that most splendid of ex-pat occupations, a garden party with cream tea (actual scones, only when the English gather). We happened to sit next to someone who attends the same art school as Delia, but attends a different session. We met again this Friday at the vernissage of a student exhibition where Delia and he were exhibiting.

During the week, amongst other things, I have been creating another new website. I really must find a way to jumpstart the initial stage in creation where I try to get a feel for the required style.It seems the longest and most difficult stage. The site style needs to be unique and not just based on a formulaic template.  For me the front page is the most important, and I really want to try and catch the spirit of the business. This one was particularly interesting as there had been an existing business in the UK but with the spread-out clientele in rural France there is a need to diversify so two other facets are now involved. Anyway it’s ongoing and will give me the chance for a bit of tourism west of here to take some local scenery for their web site.


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