Dave and the EU

dave the dogNo, not Dave Cameron, but Dave the handsome miniature schnauzer with the incredible eyebrows. He came to stay for a few days, and was left with us for a weekend whilst Lyn and Richard (my brother) went to a friend’s wedding in the Dordogne. He and Siena had a grand time though I think Dave got a bit tired of Siena’s perpetual bouncing. He was also well-behaved off-lead. The two would be off romping and it was more successful recalling Dave because Siena followed whereas she will usually stand still but not always return when on her own.

So I have just taken off my shower cap, goggles and mask. The weather here has been pretty patchy, some sunny days but usually rainy with sunny periods. I had started the repointing of the back wall of our house two weeks ago but, what with visitors and the rain, it wasn’t until this morning that I restarted the job. 3 hours later with a break for tea and I’m knackered so its good to have the excuse of writing this blog.

Its baffling how many UK ex-pats here in France who cite “immigrants” as the main reason to Brexit – they just don’t seem to see the irony – heads in the UK, bodies in France! Yes, next week, the UK will vote in or out of the EU (so strictly Brexit, is inaccurate since Britain excludes Northern Ireland but I guess UKexit doesn’t scan so well).

“Sovereignty and independence” is the cry of many Brexiters in an ex-pat newsgroup I have been reading. My response to one of these nationalistic idiots on the blog was: “I see your “sovereignty and independence” and raise you jingoism and isolation. I’ve seen the BNP in action and if such nationalism is being British I want none of it. Membership of the EU enables the whole continent to step away from the brink of nationalistic division, the curse of a millenium and more. I’m not (necessarily) British and proud of it, an accident of birth in an, albeit, beautiful country with a proud heritage does not make me want to circle the waggons against a hostile continent – I want to be part of the future, not a remnant of the past.”

In short I voted “In” by post.  The effect of a Brexit is unknown, despite the various claims. And there are bigots on both sides so I don’t feel much affinity with any of the arguments.  Working and paying tax in France, as we do, means that health care isn’t an issue (unlike those retirees relying on the EU reciprocal agreement), pensions are a separate non EU agreement. It’s residency really that is the issue, and whilst we might be able to stay, it might become much harder for us and even more so for retirees. If there is a mass return to the UK we won’t join it, the UK can float off into the Atlantic. The only problem will be the glut of UK owned property making it impossible to sell ours if we had to. Fingers crossed that it won’t be an issue.

Whatever… this time next week it will all be over and we can go back to enjoying a glass of sparkling wine in the sunshine.

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