Repointing and rain

Not like Paris though! Not often that that is a good thing. Its been waders and inflatable dinghies down the Champs Elyssées but not much here. Enough though to loosen tree roots, my favourite dog walk now involves clambering over two fallen trees. There have been some lovely days interspersing the grey rainy ones but not predicable enough – though we have eaten dinner outside a couple of times. Tonight I expect too, we’ll have the company of the cement mixer though since I have finally started the repointing. It’s a messy business, I have already broke the bearings on an angle grinder and we’re only a fraction into the work. I’m not up to chiselling the old mortar out and a cheap angle grinder costs less than a replacement bearing would. Delia thinks it might be a false economy but the cheap brand (Go/On it is called) has done me well enough for a belt sander and a SDS drill, its not as if I am a professional (builder that is).

Anyway, Friday saw the start of the repointing, on a test area in an easily accessible area. The squeezy thing I had to squirt the mortar into the gaps was a waste of time, either jamming up or the mortar was so slack that it didn’t hold its shape enough to fill the gaps properly. The protective goggles were not protective enough and I needed a small “hawk” to hold the mortar. The colour seemed too grey but lightens as it sets.

So a Saturday afternoon trip to Bricomarche to buy some extras. And “une filme moins fine que ca?” when holding a painting sheet but looking for a tarpaulin wasn’t enough to get an answer (it une bâche apparently). Lunettes de travail?. (work glasses) worked for lunettes de protection.  DIY terminology is somewhat specialised and difficult to look up so I am often playing charades in order to find a garden sieve or a luggage strap (I remembered that last one because its “sangle” which sounds like sangliers (wild boar). Oh how we laughed.

Our photo competition this month is “Exteriors” which seemed a bit vague but here’s  one of my entries which was a lovely garden in Bellac.

secret garden


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