Trompe l’oeil and Ostensions

I doubt you’ll have any idea about the title of this fortnight’s blog. Trompe l’oeil translates as “mistake of the eye” and it normally describes a two dimensional image appearing to be 3 dimensional, often on an outside wall or on a painted ceiling. We saw a few in Rome but now I am referring to a few I saw in Bellac on a photoclub field trip last Saturday. We met up with our sister club with whom we have a friendly photo competition each month but seldom meet face to face. We are few, their core members number scarcely more than our 6. I got them all to send some of their photos in to put on the web site (see here) but here are a couple of mine.

secret garden

Not a trompe l’oeil but a nice side track

cheval blanc-flat- in Bellac

We dined well at our second choice of restaurant, the first (le cheval blanc with its own trompe l’oeil). The weather wasn’t great though not raining. (unlike today which is a scorcher and Delia having gardened all day is looking very pink).

The Sunday after our Saturday field trip we went to see the Ostensions procession in Rochechouart. The entire town’s streets are covered in red and white bunting and paper flowers. The procession is an opportunity to dress up in costumes of various periods and celebrate the many many many Catholic saints. The Ostensions themselves happen all over Limousin for a couple of months each seven years. They celebrate the miraculous saving of the Limousin population from a scourge around the year 960ad. As far as I can determine the scourge was ergot infestation of their main cereal crop at the time…rye. So this would be associated with hallucinations (a la Jean d’Arc) and unlike Joan of Arc, death. I understand the miracle was eating something else, who’d have thought?

DSC02592 DSC02599 DSC02612

I have to say after 45 minutes of assorted fancy dress (including couple of friends of ours) we decided to go home.

I had a call for someone to fix their computer. Not sure the impression of working from the kitchen gives but I guess I’ll know if I get repeat business. If I am to get more French clients though, my French needs to step up a notch. I established that they had an internet speed problem (in fact Chrome just needed reinstalling) and that sometimes it just stopped working and she didn’t know why. I fixed the former but the latter is a bit too vague, there might have been a bit more info but understanding perhaps 75% could mean I missed something. Though Delia says if I start talking computer she probably understands less than half what I say so it probably balances out.



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