Shiny rings and bluebells

Not sure if it reflected our marriage or not but our wedding rings had gotten worn, mine had a satin finish (which I thought was what it had always had but I was wrong) and Delia’s was actually going yellow. Neither of us realised how wear and tear would affect white gold. I had thought it was a compound of gold like 14 carat as opposed to 24 but no, it’s electro-plated with rhodium (not radium which would still be shiny but glow in the dark and kill us slowly). We finally took them into a jeweller to have them replated.   So, if the worn nature of our rings reflected our marriage in any way,  rings and marriage are now all shiny and new!

Tax return done.  All online and (with reference to last year’s) worryingly simple. This time there was yet another form to report our spend on eco stuff, ie our double glazing and replacement doors. Combined with our relatively low earnings (and being online) we immediately learned that we had a fair sized rebate (30% of the eco hardware) coming our way.  That being said, our replacement front door jammed the other day, we couldn’t get out. The back door was our friend. With a bit (lot) of rattling around I managed to get the door open and it seemed one of the angled catches wasn’t linking in with the door handle. So I removed the striker plate but it won’t lock now so we are now locking the outside porch door. The installer turned up promptly but he has to order a complete new lock fitting (the entire height of the door) and who knows how long that will take.

Most of the past fortnight I have been working on my business web site. I have been dabbling with advertising in a local ex-pat paper and decided to go for a 6 month package since  I don’t have my Open University work this year. I had dabbled with SEO (search engine optimisation – ie so google likes my sites). It used to be that you crammed special areas of the web site with repeated keywords but it’s a lot more clever now. Google that is. Not only does it require the content to be have accurate keywords but they also have myriads of minions who check sites visually and black mark those who are using underhand tactics. Essentially a web site has to have content that accurately reflects what it says on the label and that has to be fresh. Freshness is difficult for some of my clients who just want an extension to their business card but for me, it seems, a weekly blog post of 300 to 500 or so words, at the same time and day is necessary. My time being unpredictable I can write the blogs in advance and schedule them to be posted. Apparently Wednesday at 2pm is a good time. So if you are interested in random weekly computing musings you are welcome to visit I’m still working on its linkages to FaceBook and Google+ but there’s only so much of this social networking stuff I can handle – I mean I haven’t even got an iPhone!

Bluebells?  They’re out, below today’s photos of one of Siena’s favourite walks.

bluebells bluebells-2 bluebells-3

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