Pub quiz and Outlook

We won another pub quiz on Thursday night, we went to a new social group and joined another couple for the quiz, but they now know our weakness – the sports round –  2 points out of ten.  We had hoped to be involved in groups with more of a French mix but 2 years in (our two year anniversary of moving into this house was last Monday) we felt a change in gear for socialisation was needed and this new group seems good.  Last Sunday my camera club met and the new voting system for photo’s was debated (average or total stars – one 5 star vote being equal to 5 one star votes – I don’t think so!). is this month’s new one.

Picked up our serviced lawn mower (it had been in the shop for 4 weeks), I popped in on Wednesday and surprise… “Vendredi” they said, probably having been waiting for me to call in. It’s no surprise that places supplying farming equipment are full of mechanics who speak absolutely no English. Not a problem (just needed to remember that it’s la tondeuse for a mower) but amusing when one young lad pipes up “Friday” and they all applaud.

I must confess this fortnight has been dominated by one of my clients whose Outlook needed a minor reconfiguration because of a change I had made in my hosting (ie where I keep my web sites and email).  This should have been straightforward, I’ve done it dozens of times. The difference was that in this case the old email archive was huge and any changes seemed to freeze the computer  (when in fact it was just processing). In short it required a repair job that took literally days to process, mostly without my input but still 20 hours of hands-ontime for me. Its fixed now (or at least I think so) but the moral of the story is threefold – 1. Don’t keep lots of emails, but if you must, then at least split them into separate accounts for each year. 2. Backup!  I shouldn’t complain, its not as if I haven’t played IT support tag for most of this career, you know… touch someone’s computer and you’re it, in the sense that you’re the person who gets blamed when things go wrong sometimes weeks after. A good thing I enjoy solving problems, in fact its what motivates me to do this stuff for a job. The ransomware infection I fixed for someone else got me a lot of gratitude though, better than paying the £500 that had been demanded!

Waiting for the annual tax form to arrive, last year it never did and I emailed Santa about it – well, I might as well have for all the response that emailing the tax office got.  One can file online but one needs a number from the printed form… d’oh. It tends to arrive leaving only a few days to complete it or there’s a fine. Ah well at least they’ve put their guillotine away for now!

Here’s a couple of pics, my entries for this month’s competition “Tracks” . The first is at the start of the velorail with old cabooses from a post train (la poste in this case) and then other, coincidentally is a track from the same rail track but just where it turns into the Voie Vert – a lovely walking trail nearby.

la(st) poste Nature covering her tracks

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