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Ooops, just realised I hadnt published this one, let Delia proof it but forgot to do the final click.

I wondered about having that as my tagline, not sure what image it gives but it certainly describes what I’ve been doing over the past fortnight.
For the website bit I’ve been sorting out enabling paypal payments on some sites and starting the next one for a personal trainer. I also had a machine that wouldn’t connect to someone’s camera anymore and had Windows steadfastly stuck in French – the windows version was not updateable for language (though a bit of googling soon solved that with a small hack). I also had an old Core user (my system for ServiceMaster written about 15 years ago). As usual, a bit of database corruption, easily fixed over a remote connection. Allegedly it was caused by Windows 10 installing itself unbidden and then manually reverting to Win 7. Whatever… anyway after getting my bit fixed I then proceeded to try to fix the users problems with opening spreadsheets and pictures. To cut a long story short, he had been inflicted with “ransomware” ! There was a message saying that all his personal files had been encrypted and could only be decrypted by clicking on links an paying the ransom. I have heard of these and usually even paying the ransom does not mean a fix. Fortunately for him it wasn’t “good” ransomware, in that nothing was really encrypted just renamed. It does mean that he had hundreds of pictures, spreadsheets, documents and all that needed to be renamed one by one (or as I advised, just as needed) at least he could get at them.





Just for colour here’s a photo from an outing to Espace Hermeline – on a lake nearby.






I also had an encounter with a new dentist which cost nothing (70% covered in any case and the rest by CMU-C which is the top up cover currently free by virtue of being under the tax threshold) Apparently even when I need a crown it will be covered (certainly better than NHS cover). I also went for a routine blood test which was a bit more complicated: the equivalent of the “practice nurse” is a whole different institution effectively called Red Cross. During my morning walk I see little white Renault clios with the red cross markings, every morning calling at the several aged residents in our hamlet. So with my pieces of paper with instructions and a comment “à domicile” I fully expected one of these to be calling upon me. But no, at face value obviously judged too fit for such a service, I was given a 7am appointment – still it didn’t cost me anything.

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