Twice the value?

So this fortnight’s blog should by rights be twice the value, so no pressure then!

So what did you miss from the lost blog entry? Highlights follow: wildlife discovery drive home with a hare, a roe deer and an owl on the road eating the road kill that none of the aforementioned wildlife became as a result of our passing. OK that was such a long sentence, I blame the French keyboard and that fact that its so hard to get a full stop on it, its either shift-semicolon or bottom right of the numeric keypad. The latter is my “favourite” but because the internet is mostly English (ignoring the 2 billion chinese of course) some applications and web sites switch my setting from French to English and suddenly the full stop is now delete and… the other keys on the numeric keypad send me all over the place until I realise what going on. See how much of an adventure living in France still is?

I am typing this trying to fend off a toddler who wants to poke my numeric keypad (and doesn’t care whether the full stop works or not). That toddler is Dexter my (since yesterday’s Valentine’s day) one year old grandson and if I thought having a dog drop a tug toy on the keyboard was distracting enough, having a highly curious toddler’s prying fingers is a whole new ballpark.

When I left Limoges, the wind was gusting pretty high and whilst the takeoff was fine things got  bit bouncy.  The flight went as usual and upon arriving at the arrivals gate to see the shuttle driver clearly holding a sign for my hire car company. Waiting for the next two people was a while, and once the tanned and sombrero’ed tourists started exiting, we guessed the Limoges plane had finished debarking. Anyway, the other car hirees had snuck past us and were lurking in the hotel shuttle bay.  Finally I got the car. The hotel where the agency is sited is located at a difficult road connection so I added the hotel to my satnav favourites so that on my way back I wouldn’t miss it (as I had before). The satnav decided to take me through the confusing road interchange for 20 minutes and lo and behold back at the hotel via a different entrance! I had done an idiot check to ensure the satnav wasn’t taking me to Norwich rather than Llanelli but didn’t look closely enough at the double spiral it started off with.

Great cake, great buffet and we’re all stuffed but then its time to go to the swings.

DSC02398 DSC02425 DSC02408

Early start tomorrow and back to Delia, hope she missed me.

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