A week of Sundays


That’s what the post-Christmas week has been like. Working and living, as we do all chez nous, kind of blurs the distinction between days of the week and I like to demarcate Sunday at least by doing different “stuff”. This usually means, perhaps, reading, messing around with photos, maybe even, if the weather isn’t good, monging in front of the TV (or tablet if Delia is doing same and channel hopping, as is her wont). So we’ve had at least a week of “Sundays” and now today is actually Sunday it’s difficult to make it different. So I’ll write my blog.

We’ve spent the relatively balmy December days (mostly 12-15°c and fairly blue skies)  going for walks with Siena and even some gardening, making use of the compost at last. Today 2nd Jan is the first really wintry day this winter (unless you count the morning of sudden snow that, just as suddenly vanished before noon). Delia refused to go out in the cold driving rain so it’s just me and Siena (and she’s not overly keen).  Siena usually tugs on her way out but this time she was tugging to get home. Just the weather to binge watch a box set – Blacklist Series 2 I think!

I did spend quite some time sorting out my photos, as well as the web site for the photo club I belong to… photoclubmeteorite.patbell.co.uk on which I am currently running a vote for the best winners of last year’s monthly competition. You can look but if you want to vote, log in as “anon” with a password “tripe”, click on the right hand gallery to rate an image.

One special advantage to this time of year (and having a dog) is going out for the dawn walk. Here’s a shot of dawn the other day.


So,  hope the coming year holds happiness and good fortune for you all.

Don’t forget deliablog.patbell.co.uk last week and next.

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