Fancy bonnets, cider and pigs!

This week Siena discovered that she isn’t the centre of all attention. At the puppy training class we went to last year she used to be the chased to the chasers – big dogs who just couldn’t keep up. We started going to a Thursday morning session for young dogs and this time they had mostly already forged doggy friendships and Siena couldn’t figure out why they weren’t all chasing her when she ran off. She still had fun though.


Delia’s dad (Bill) might be gratified to see that his work helping to dig out the patio extension area and step foundation wasn’t wasted. I had been looking around for place to deliver patio gravel and it had been suggested that I go to a material supplier in a nearby town Les Cars (linguistic aside… “à les” is never used in French is becomes “aux” and surprisingly this applies to Les Cars also, hence the quarry at Les Cars is “la carrière aux Cars”, I thought that weird). Anyway they could supply and deliver a tonne of gravel (nearly the right colour) for a third of the price I had been quoted elsewhere. It is a bit whiter than the existing gravel but another tonne when we’re ready and mixed in it should look fine


Late summer and autumn is the time for special festivals around here. We missed the Fête des Ânes (donkeys) in September but not the Fête du Cidre et Cochons (cider and pigs) this week. Some real fancy bonnets here!

Tomorrow we’re off to the Fête de Châtaignes (chestnuts). 1001 things to do with chestnuts!

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