Rotisserie chicken and lime mortar

If you are following Deli’s blog you will know that we removed some of the panelling in the bathroom in the process of installing a new shower cubicle (to replace the old leaking one). Essentially we now know that our dream of cutesy stone walls in our bathroom is probably a fantasy since it seems to be clad to the ceiling in white tiles. I avoid the term ‘floor to ceiling’ since the lower few rows are a bit haphazard (see for some pictures). Anyway, not to repeat her blog I’ll continue here in that we are still awaiting a fix for the leaking factory fitted bit of the shower pan. Poor Bill (Delia’s dad) is unlikely to have a working shower upon his arrival. On Thursday by email Planêtebain who supplied the shower said something about a replacement drain unit being sent but I can’t determine if that’s from their supplier to me or via them. Also, as far as I can see the leaky thing is glued in and since they aren’t sending me the whole shower tray I am unsure what I will do to remove the old one.

I am currently trying out the rotisserie gizmo in our new oven (not massively innovative, since Delia says she had had one but never thought to use it). Its looking good at the moment though I needed Delia to figure out how to get it rotating by actually looking at the pictures on the oven door rather just than reading the manual. I guess that why men need wives… to point out the bleeding obvious? Oh and perhaps also to point out when we’re being d##kheads. I’m not too sure what the benefit to wives is because it certainly isn’t to receive a confident answer to their dreaded “does my bum look big in this?” question.

This is the following day no and the chicken was good, its going to be my go to way of roasting now though it does impede roasting potatoes since they either block the top element or the chicken rotation.

I’ve been preparing for the repointing project – finding the bits to rake the mortar don’t fit my machine and that the readymix recommended by our near neighbour contains cement which is a big no-no for lime mortar (it won’t breathe apparently). So looking at mixing it ourselves we decided to buy a low cost mixer and probably sell it after (along with the scaffolding) even so its still a lot less expensive than having it done though its also damned hard work (not a bad thing, although thanks to the hard work doing the kitchen I am already 4kg lighter than when our last visitors left – obviously we entertain our guests too well – either that or I eat all the leftovers).

So, tomorrow is Monday and hopefully the shower replacement part will arrive. In any case we will be off to Angouléme to pick up Bill from the station, hopefully he’ll have recovered from his Masters water polo tournament from which he is disappointed to have won bronze apparently. I hope he’s fit enough to assist with putting up the shower, some repointing and possibly some garden path laying. Come to think of it, I hope I am.

No picture this fortnight but here’s one I took earlier last month of the Millau Bridge, oops Ive already put this in before… here’s a shot I just took this morning … the lake nearby but from the opposite side (with the help of wellies)

the other side



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