Kitchen finished, now the shower leaks!

So the kitchen is finished? Some rehanging of doors, spray painting the doors so they are more stain proof, re-oiling the worktops but otherwise an opportunity to catch up on paperwork and actual work. The plan was a week of deskwork then up with the scaffolding and on with the re-pointing especially since it is cooler at the moment, and the mortar wouldn’t dry too fast… No such luck though, dripping through the kitchen ceiling gave us a new word – xxxxx for leak. It seems to be the shower drainage plumbing somewhere. The problem is that to get at that bit of the plumbing seems to require total dismantling of the shower cubicle and base. We had scheduled a revamp of the bathroom next year and we certainly don’t want to disable the bathroom just when Delia’s dad is due to spend a couple of weeks with us. So we are currently looking to divide the bathroom project so we replace the shower first (the existing cubicle is an upright coffin). I’d hoped to get on with the re-pointing but I guess it doesn’t have to be all done in one summer… It being August (when France is closed) getting hold of a shower cabinet at short notice is a bit difficult… Watch this space.

Siena has been being a bit adolescent lately, demanding we play with her more often than we do. Evenings, where we want to relax and read or watch tv, turn into arguments where dog brings toy and barks until we either play or shut her in the kitchen. She is also barking more at noises outside. She does look so cute when she drop her rope toy at your feet and cocks her head at you though. So we currently have an ultrasonic beeper to distract her when she barks. However this has coincided with a long planned intention of taking Siena for a run with our bikes, this intention finally crystallising yesterday just around the hamlet and today with a lovely 6km cycle to and along the Voie Verte (a re-purposed old railway – literally translated as Green Way). For the first three or so kilometres I had an engine of a dog pulling me up hills. The last 2km though she was flagging a bit and I had to slow down and sometimes just walk with her. The upshot of this was that she was pretty knackered for the rest of the day and so we’ve not really had a good try with the ultrasonic beeper.

This afternoon I had invited our neighbours in for coffee (and Delia’s delicious blueberry muffins) and to show them the new kitchen – and show them what all the noise had been about (or show it off) . Conversation with them has been getting a bit more relaxed as our French gradually improves. Siena was much calmer than she might have been too (being flaked out on her bed).

She was a bit low key this morning when I took her out on the bike again, guess I’ll let her recover a bit more.

So until next fortnight, that’s all folks.

No pictures from me this time so I thought I’d include the two Delia had framed recently ofr the local art group exhibition.






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