Disaster, kitchen and fireworks

Returning home after just a few days and the wheat field looked different, it took a while to realise that all the ears had dropped down so the surface was less “fuzzy”. That day it was harvested and the stalks rolled up to be turned into silage I guess. Being new things in the field, Siena was hackles up and unsure of them but being able to chase a huge bird of prey (taking advantage of the newly exposed mice I expect) soon resolved any nervousness on her part. I like to give Siena time off the lead since she loves to run and usually veers crazily in large circles until she tires. One morning however she suddenly stopped stared into the distance and streaked off. The poor jogger she eventually accosted was not enamoured by a dog who was convinced that since she loves everyone, everyone must love her. After a dance where I interposed myself between jogger and dog and circled several times I finally grapped the little pest (the dog that is). A further parameter in my choice for walks then… will the jogger be out. Other parameters include, horsefly locations, cows, gardeners in remote veggie patches, open doors in houses normally unoccupied which Sienna explores enthusiastically.

This past fortnight I have mostly been working on the kitchen. Some hiccups with the router being somewhat more vicious a tool than I’d intended but its mostly done, just a few final touches next week – a bit of wiring here and some upstands there – hopefully I’ve posted photo heres (below) showing our wonderful integrated oven(in which I can finally cook good roasties) and induction hob. A bit of a disaster with that, the electrician had replaced our fusebox and hard wired it in and I still had some aligning of the worktop into which it would be placed – to cut a long story short I dropped it and broke the glass top. Fortunately it was still on sale at half price so I got another one delivered and it ended up costing me about what it would outside the sale. I looked at getting just the replacement glass top and found it would cost me more than the actual hob even before shipping from the UK!


fyi here’s some before photos, before my lights, worktops etc and before delia’s door painting.

As well as these kitchen photos here’s some of a photo “field trip” from last Sunday – the object was to take some “misty” long exposures of running water. Plus some Bastille Day fireworks.


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