Old friends and new walks

These last few weeks have been hard for Siena. She’s come into season and we’ve had to be careful where (and if) we walk her and always on a lead. So it’s a new walk across the chestnut grove and around a field. Since Siena’s first walk, she’d seen a brown and white horse, sometimes very close up but always on a tight leash (Siena that is, not the horse). touching-00201So to my surprise one morning this last week, the self-same horse and her daughter(?) were in the very field we were walking past. The horse (let’s call her Dobbie) walked over to us obviously recognising me (I thought) but no, Dobbie was more interested in Sienna and bent low to touch noses as she often had on previous walks when Sienna was younger Siena was a bit timid the first time but the next day the same thing happened and she wanted to jump up and had to be restrained firmly. Since that first day Dobbie has come across to touch noses with Siena every morning (except one when the rain was so hard that she and her daughter Dobbie-ette stayed under a tree)

Tourist season has arrived and our third set of visitors the year – a real visit this time for 3 weeks. The first week included us meeting up with them at Giverny to enjoy Monet’s garden together. A rainy day but that was perhaps an advantage because it was possibly less crowded than it might have otherwise been. Unfortunately Monet’s trademark lilies were not yet in bloom and there were too many people for a good shot of the Wysteria bridge but still beautiful throughout. It’s hard to conjure up the peculiarity of the frog chorus at the lily pond (someone leaned in towards me asking if I could see the ducks). In his house the yellow dining room and the blue kitchen with the range of copper saucepans any chef would kill for are the most memorable experiences for me.

Even the main street is a glory of flowers and every garden vies for attention. Our Chambre d’hôte had a garden so glorious that the front gate had to be locked behind us to prevent tourists coming in to view it.



La Belle Hellene Chambre d Hote

Les Jardins d’Helene – Chambre d’hôte


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