The oven is crap!

Delia finally agreed that the oven was crap. The oven is totally unpredictable – no idea what temperature it’s going to cook at except that, even on the top shelf, it burns the bottom and undercooks the top – almost as if its cooked on the hob. Speaking of the hob – no simmer unless carefully balanced between max and off. Anyway I’d postponed resolving the issue since it would involve worktops and stuff. But, Leroy Merlin (our favourite diy centre) had a special offer until the end of April on the worktops we thought we preferred. Now the logistics… 4 two and a half metre worktops – obviously we need a van… so what else do we need that requires a van… scaffolding for doing the repointing soon… plus the oven and the hob. Shopping around I got the same model of oven at two thirds of the Leroy price, likewise the hob. But all separate suppliers and here the idea is often to go to pickup points – the oven is now awaiting pickup a few hundred metres from Leroy. We visited Leroy to look at the worktops and… too thin! They have ideal ones a bit more expensive and not on special offer so no hurry getting them. I’m going to try to rearrange things; Our friends Steph and Rob arrive for a few weeks early May and I am sure Rob will enjoy being on the other end(s) of 2.5m of several worktops and scaffolding. So watch this space for ongoing photos (but don’t hold your breath).

The hob arrived and it needs a 32amp supply (thought I had one but no, only 16a) plus it will take us over the 6kva edf currently supply is with and we need to upgrade the ‘package’ – the electrician arrives on Tuesday! I tried out the new induction hob (just one hob so not overloading the fuse) – cool, literally it needs ferrous pans and only heats them not the plates, supposed to be the most efficient form of hob. I knew some our aluminium pans wouldn’t work but our stainless steel saucepans don’t either -they say inox but they aren’t magnetic so I think it’s a fib. Only our big Jamie Oliver pan and a cast iron griddle work. Some kitchen-ware needed, hey it’s my birthday soon!

See above about the oven I guess. Not much new otherwise food-wise. I’m going to have to be pro-active and do stuf to write ebout rather than vice versa. Still Delia should be doing me a cake for my 60th next Saturday and we’re hoping for a restaurant/bar with jazz this Friday so I should be able to make up for my lack of inspiration this week.


Bluebell walk yesterday.

bluebells-1 spring walk-1

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