Stig of the Dump*

That was me this week – many trips to the déchetterie with various déchets (rubbish) that had bred in the garage and piles of turf and grass clippings for which there was no room in the compost bins. Those big ikea bags come in very handy since any bigger and I wouldn’t be able to lift them. The car’s a bit of a mess though! I think it’s the same in the UK now that most dumps operate a card system so only locals allowed. I think I’ve mentioned this but our garbage collection is now limited to a basic 12 collections per year (for 150€) and 2.50€ + 0.25c/kg for any more – so when I had some fertiliser bags I was disposing of, I used a partly filled kitchen rubbish sack – but the déchet police caught me and I was reprimanded with a “poubelle est interdit!(forbidden)”  I honestly didn’t know (guv) but I should have guessed from the close inspection some flytipped “poubelle” was receiving outside the dump’s gates by a council employee in a council van. Poubelle (beautiful poo?) is distinct from déchet, one man’s déchet is another man’s trésor but poubelle is poubelle.

I also extracted some mature compost from the compost bins and dug it into Delia’s potage. How is one supposed to get it out? I just managed the bottom front bit before less mature stuff collapsed on me. Oh well it probably saved us a couple of bags from the garden centre.

My feta (see last week) turned out to be quite good despite its inauspicious beginnings of curdling before even adding rennet. But we’ve mostly been enjoying the tomme and the cantal we bought from our grocery van at our lunchtimes (with fresh baguette of course).

This morning out we couldn’t pass the patissier without buying some delicious millefeuilles – couldn’t stop Delia so the photo show a partly demolished one.

mille feuilles-1

Other news this week is that our darling dog has become a “woman” and so far we haven’t had to fend off amorous dogs from miles around but I’m carrying a stick just in case – and booked une ovariectomie at the vets.

*for you Aussies, just google”Stig of the Dump” for an explanation

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