Feta or not?

A quiet week for me but not for Delia. One of her associate virtual pa’s was out of circulation and had to pass her work across to Delia so I saw little of her during the day, working, as she was, at her desk. Only a little bit of marking for me so I was able to spend a bit more time walking the dog and taking some photos. Delia managed to join me a couple of times for Siena’s early afternoon long walk. On one of these Siena ran into the living room of one of the usually unoccupied houses. Fortunately the people staying there were friendly and weren’t bothered too much and we managed a chat about who we all were – interestingly two of the men were engineers for the Royal Opera and lived in Lille. Like many of the houses that aren’t lived in all year round this was a ‘maison secondaire’ and the owner lived in an apartment in the city. Here is a snap I took when composing a panorama of my favourite lakeside view to find our pretty dog had appeared in shot.

Siena and View

Siena and the lake




An import from Tesco this week. Delia thinks we should stick to what we can get over here but some items are marked up so much whats wrong with importing more competitively. Quorn mince – a healthy alternative to real mince we cannot get at all here, low grade porridge oats are also not available over here just the good ones (I like my porridge stodgy) at more than 5 times the price, similar price difference with marmite, golden syrup (to go with the porridge) is not available. Skimmed milk at about 1€ a litre is comparable to UK prices unless there is a special on – and there was so I bought three 3 litre containers. Why? Well feta is rare over here and whilst I can make it at the usual price of milk it is hardly worth it… enter Tesco specials… so I made a batch of feta yesterday. The problem is that I put about 5 times too much calcium chloride (an “enricher” for non-farm fresh milk) and the milk actually clotted whilst heating up before I had even added the rennet. I proceeded doggedly with the recipe though and I have a wheel of white- something currently sitting in brine that might (or might not be) be feta.

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