Style over substance

Tax returns this month! I got “How to fill out your French Tax form 2015” which I hope will do exactly what it says on the label. I can’t download the form until 7th April because they are “updating after the January changes”. My cunning plan was to not earn enough to pay tax which since delia is now earning it looks like we might need another plan. 25% social charges feel enough to me but might disagree. We did manage to get our topup health cover added to the 70% we already have which I guess kind of brings us up to UK levels. But the food and wine isn’t as good in the UK of course (see below)

Our ex-neighbours from Lindfield visited this weekend and guests usually mean that we eat out more. Eclairs to start off the experience and that evening I cooked a “traditional” leg of lamb, stuffed with ras al hanout spiced dried fruit, nuts and rice – I’d never be a butcher though, it took me nearly an hour to get the bones out of the leg to stuff it! Our first lunch out was our guests’ treat to us, in Brantôme where I indulged in a salmon fillet on creamy tagliatte, the others all had steak but I think I did better. My salmon had a nice brown crust yet was tender and moist inside. More éclairs. Then next off to Limoges for a moist day wandering through the medieval quarter and lunch in the library (well ex-bibliotheque) Crusty cod on lentils much much tastier than it sounds, poire de boeuf (rump/upper leg?) and a very well made hamburger.
On the way home we made another visit to a patissier and chose some easter patisseries The thing about most French patisseries seems to be that they look fantastic but the taste doesn’t always come up to scratch These easter cakes were essentially sponge rolls on their side covered in chocolate vermicelli, filled and topped with butter cream and a couple of sugar eggs Butter cream is never my favourite. Style over substance. Now on the other hand there’s the blueberry custard tart I am looking forward to for tonights dessert and lets not forget Delia’s lovely home-made hot cross buns at breakfast this morning.


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