Party Party, Crêpes and Gendarmes

So Delia’s just got back from her business trip to the UK and of course whilst she was away it was party party for me! Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration – at least I had custody of the tv remote in the evenings. Though to confess I mostly binge watched Breaking Bad – when I wasn’t doing the marking that crops up in bundles this time of year. Otherwise it was business as usual, walking the dog morning and afternoon. My fantasies of lying in bed until 8.30 were scotched by Siena howling and flinging herself at the kitchen door at 7.45, her usual getup time. I do think Wallace the cat winds her up through the glass door though. Party party? Well as an extra treat I did have fried onion with my steak. Oh and I did have some lemon sole too – all treats for me since Delia can’t eat fish or onions amongst other things.
This week I also had an extra language lesson – from the Gendarmes. I slowed but didn’t come to a complete halt at a stop sign. Ooops – Delia says that’s why she doesn’t let me drive (though we all know that I let her drive because she’s such a bad passenger of course). A dark green panier de salade (salad basket as the slang for their police vans goes – and no I didn’t say that to them) pulled me over chatted to me about perhaps not in the UK but in France Stop means Stop (smile nicely Pat) and how nice it is to live in lovely Limousin and a fine with possibly having to get a French driving licence so they can put points on it but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

On the subject of food – we have long enjoyed small pancakes made on a Tefal crêpe maker: a non-stick hotplate more or less. Not really French pancakes since we tried to make them as Canadian as possible (Delia has a good method from one of her Australian cookbooks that makes a nice thick pancake). So – it broke and our frequent Sunday pancake breakfasts stopped – until we got a replacement. The new one actually had detachable plates, one for our usual small pancakes and another for a single crêpe. So anyway, with Delia being away I decided to experiment and try French crêpes with ham and brie like one would buy at a crêpe stall (it’s even came with a wooden spreader). So lunch was a success and now Delia gets crêpe ham and brie for her dinner.

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