L’auberge des Tilleuls

This time last year…
With the purchase of the house moving forward we arranged to visit the vendors there to make arrangements, measure up etc. During the 3½ hours drive we stopped at a Brocante (a huge warehouse full of old furniture and stuff, a veritable Aladdin’s cave) – though we have visited many similar places since, this remains the best but it is just too far away at a 2 hours drive).
The Chambres d’Hôte was a lovely old rambling house, fully renovated and in a street named rue des hirondelles (street of the swallows) and, most importantly for Delia, we had a room with a bath! Anyway, we went to the house at Beaulieu, this was our third actual visit and it was still as I remembered – the big farmhouse kitchen as impressive as before, just waiting for the large farmhouse dining table we had lugged around from Worksop to Lindfield and now sitting in a barn waiting for Beaulieu.
That evening we enjoyed a wonderful meal at L’Auberge des Tilleuls owned by Debbie and Didier – Welsh and French respectively. Tilleuls is especially relevant to us since it means the Limes which is the name of the development in Lindfield that we moved from. Didier had been in the UK for some 20 years or so, so long in fact that he told us of his recent visit to a store where they complemented him on his French.

I started this section with the intention of waxing lyrical about gorgeous French delicacies and gourmet delights but I have to diverge and do the same about Chez Robert and Teresa’s; the full English breakfast is to die for and even the home made black cherry wine fooled me – that it was a delicious fresh light red, the best home-made wine I have ever tasted (including during the many years when I made my own)

Just back from visiting my first grandson for the first time. He’s a cheerful little Welshman who loves his food. Not that he’s joined the chub club but that he (like all 3 week olds) does little but breast feed, sleep and fill his nappy. Phil and Becca are justifiably proud and loving.

It’s good to be reminded too of what the traffic in the UK is like what with chocker full motorways accidents and rush hour jams – it’s good to be back home now enjoying the birdsong on a warm spring day.

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