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This time last year… not much going on, of interest at least. I was heads down marking and sorting out some web sites – I think the Winter Olympics were a constant distraction and the weather outside was starting to show signs of spring. Delia was internet shopping for things we would need at the new house…


I received our first delivery of spelt flour this time last year. I had done some intensive googling and finally found a mill in southern Brittany that sold and delivered various ancient grains including spelt. This ancient wheat has less gluten and it is of a different kind to normal flour. Delia is wheat intolerant not gluten intolerant and spelt is sufficiently different for it not to affect her. It does seem odd perhaps, here we are in the land of fresh baked baguettes and all sorts of artisan bread… yet here I am baking our own bread in a bread machine – I have tried by hand and indeed started out in the UK that way – but it`s awfully messy and the bread machine is so predictable and easy on my poor arthritic thumbs. I’ve got it down to 2 minutes preparation now.


A busy week for us both. Delia setting up her new client and me marking again. Siena continues to delight with her puppy ways – the latest being keeping just out of reach when having been let off her lead. Infuriating but she doesn’t run away it’s just when we see people of cows in a field she need to be under restraint. Puppy class this morning – she has 5 minutes of absolutely crazy dashing around during which she’s absolutely uncatchable by the other dogs and eventually Delia and I manage to get her back on the lead for her training.


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