Quittus Fiscal – Re-registering revisited

This time last year…One of the things I needed on the road to re-registering our car was a form called the Quittus Fiscale which was essentially a proof that the VAT situation of the car was all in order. It was but to get one I needed to go to the local Hotel des Impôts , as the tax office is called, with the original purchase invoice, proof of identity; registration document and… a utility bill. I did have the contents insurance certificate for our belongings at this point but nope. The weird thing is that they knew who I was, even where I lived from the computer but they needed the actual paper proof too. And the utility bill with our name on was simply an impossibility since utilities were part of our rent. Ho hum back to Go do not collect £200.


Mike and Sandra, the first people to stay this year – Picked up from Limoges airport after an hour or so delay circling to avoid the hailstorm going on. Anyway, eventually we headed home and stopped at a patisserie – two new things – a frangipoire, being a frangipane tart of almond and flour paste with a pear; and a café chocolat duo being a kind of Siamese twin éclair, coffee and chocolate filling and icing side by side on the same choux pastry.


Two old friends for, Nottingham at last able to make a brief visit. We decided to try out a chateau tour of 6 chateaux in a 2 hour drive. Chateaux Brie, Cromières, Rocher, Marval, Montbrun and Chalûs. With a walk around Lac St Mathieu thrown in for good measure. Marval was unremarkable and Chalûs deserves more than being tagged on at the end of a few hours of road touring but probably to become a feature tour for our visitors.


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