Waiting for one, then three come at once!

No work for a while and then three jobs at the same time! Just like buses, well the old 266 to Hammersmith Broadway used to be like that anyway. So this week I’ve mostly been doing web sites. There have been some challenging design requirements but all useful for future reference. I’ve got the tutoring rush coming up too with final dissertations needing marking. It’ll probably be the last time for that though as student numbers have dropped in my key areas.

The weather this week has been sunny, with temperatures from about 10°c to 15°c and I’m still enjoying the lovely sunrises with Siena. Some buds, bulbs and nesting blue tits are going to get an unwelcome surprise as February frosts bite! As the sunrise gets earlier though the need is to keep the sun from waking us too early – me and Delia that is; not Siena, who always blinks blearily at me whenever I go into the kitchen first thing in the morning, whether that be 7.30am or 9am. I’ve been doing a different walk, avoiding the electric fence Siena has got herself worked up about, and her friend the horse is there to welcome us (perhaps helped by the fact that I give him some carrot too).

We went for dinner at a friends and the night drive home was a series of wild life encounters, a hare in the headlights, a small roe deer and an owl just lifting off the road from yet more, though unidentifiable, wildlife, smeared on the road (note none of the wildlife was harmed by us during our trip).

Dog training classes started up again this Thursday,  Siena is not a very attentive student, mostly sniffing the ground, so full of doggy scents, and barking because she want to play with all the other dogs. She doesn’t get to play until the end of the session. Personally I think it would be best to wear her out beforehand and she might be more trainable but the teacher thinks the opposite. Anyway once she gets to play its fascinating to watch them all re-establishing the pecking order; There’s another female who thinks she needs to put Siena in her place, and another big retriever (well they’re all bigger than Siena) puts himself between the two, policing the ‘situation’. There’s a labradoodle who want to be “friendly” with Siena and thus a further call upon the retriever “police” dog. At the end of it all though they all just run around and Siena gets covered in slobber and needs a bath when she get home.

Those of you who have visited will probably remember Lac St. Mathieu – -its been draining since before Christmas and is looking pretty different in its desolate exposed state. My photo club had a “field trip” there and here’s a couple of snaps.

Lac st matthieu drained-1 Lac st matthieu drained-1-2